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After a brief registration process, your first acupuncture session with Loren will begin with an in-depth health consultation. Loren will help you understand the details pertaining to your condition and will evaluate all of your organ systems so you can see the state of your overall health. Within any given acupuncture treatment, in addition to acupuncture, Loren may administer massage therapy, cupping therapy, electro acupuncture as well as give you nutritional and lifestyle advice all at no extra charge to you. Loren may also recommend a formula of Chinese Herbs specifically designed to help your condition.

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One of our professional Massage Therapists will greet you and escort you into one of our treatment rooms. Your therapist will begin by asking you all about your health issues and determine if there are any areas you would like your therapist to concentrate on. Now just relax and your therapist will gently massage away all those aches and pains to the pressure of your choosing.

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After a brief consultation discussing the nature and location of your pain, Loren Browne (Acupuncture Physician) will begin with the cupping treatment. Cupping treatments that are not part of a typical acupuncture treatment will generally last about 10-15 minutes. Although cupping can be part of a typical acupuncture treatment, it is a wonderful alternative to eliminate pain for patients who are not comfortable with needles.

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After a detailed health consultation, Loren will perform a tongue and pulse examination. Tongue and pulse examinations are vital aspects of diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine, especially as it pertains to herbal medicine. After the Herbal Consultation, Loren will prescribe one or more herbal formulas specific to the needs of your health condition.

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