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Arthritis is a disorder affecting one or more joints of the body. It is characterized as inflammation, pain, and stiffness of the joints. Arthritis can also present as redness, warmth, swelling and decreased range of motion in the affected joint or joints. Onset can be gradual or sudden.

Facts About Arthritis

There are actually over 100 different classifications of arthritis. The two most common forms of arthritis seen clinically are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that usually occurs with age and affects the fingers, knees and hips. Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that often affects the hands and feet.


Fatigue is a medical condition of extreme tiredness and exhaustion, typically resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness. Sometimes fatigue is acute, it can easily become a chronic condition. Those who suffer from fatigue, usually have had the condition for months if not years.

Facts About Fatigue

People experiencing fatigue are usually presenting with more symptoms than just tiredness. In addition to having extreme and constant tiredness, they could have poor concentration, memory confusion, depression, muscle and joint pain, as well as having difficulty performing daily activities and responsibilities. Acute or chronic, fatigue can lead to exhaustion and constant low energy. Fatigue can not be improved simply with a good night’s sleep, and it can impair the quality of life.

The Best Acupuncture and Massage Clinic In Miami - Palmetto Bay!

Causes of Fatigue

  • Physical Inactivity

  • Poor Nutrition

  • Imbalanced Wake-Sleep Cycle

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Smokin

Acupuncture For Fatigue

Acupuncture can be used as primary therapy, alone or as a complementary therapy in a comprehensive management health care plan to alleviate fatigue and enhance overall health. Malfunctions in the endocrine, cardiovascular, and digestive body systems that contribute to fatigue can also be treated with acupuncture. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, fatigue is generally considered a deficiency of qi and/or blood. Traditional Chinese medicine treats fatigue with a combination of modalities. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are a powerful tool in treating fatigue however dietary modifications and exercises like yoga or tai chi might be an important part of the treatment of fatigue.

Acupuncture Vs Western Medicine

In Western Medicine, most of the times patients are simply told to get a good night’s sleep and drink plenty of water. Although this is helpful, it does not really address the real issue, the body is not producing enough energy to function at an optimal level.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we seek to correct the body’s imbalances causing fatigue. By unifying the body’s qi and its digestive function that produces qi, we can help bring the body back into balance, increasing the level of energy, so you feel yourself again.

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