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5 Proven Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy offers a better and more natural way of dealing with minor as

well as chronic illnesses. Unlike conventional concepts, massage is not only

good for relaxation, but it has also proven health benefits as well. It helps reduce stress,

relaxes the muscles and boosts the immune system.

These are not mere words, there have been researches conducted that show the

proven health benefits associated with Massage Therapy.

Here are 5 health benefits that can receive from Massage Therapy:

1. Reduces Stress

Massage Therapy acts as a great anti-stressing agent. When you are under

stress, your body releases stress hormone cortisol in your body that causes

discomfort in your entire body. This hormone contributes to weight gain and

loss of sleep. Research shows regular massage therapy reduces the levels

of stress hormones in the body. It helps relieve mental and physical discomfort associated with aggravated stress levels.

2. Relaxes The Muscles

Massage Therapy is great for people suffering from chronic muscle fatigue. It

helps increase the circulation of blood in your body that helps you settle down

and loosen up. It also helps you calm down and relax your muscles. Studies

show that regular massage sessions help alleviate chronic back pain. When you

undergo an entire day of intense hard work, your body needs something to

reboot itself. Instead of going for medications, you can use massage therapy as

a way of getting out of that tiresome state.

3. Strengthens The Immune System

Body’s immunity against minor as well as major injuries and infections is a

limited power. It is like a muscle and the way you treat it; is exactly the way it

would behave when needed. If you are constantly in stress, have a poor diet

routine and your overall lifestyle is not healthy enough, your immune system

would be much weaker than an average person’s.

Aside from improving your lifestyle, you can use massage therapy and it would

help boost your immune system. It helps the body nourish itself through natural

means and this way, it can better fight off minor injuries and illnesses.

4. Improves Sleep

Stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol when staying in your body for long periods of time, they end up disturbing your entire body. The possible effects include decrease

in diet and loss of sleep + muscle fatigue. All these factors contribute to

inconsistent sleeping patterns that further affect your physical health. Massage Therapy helps regulate the circulation of blood in your body which contributes to improved sleep.

5. Improves Focus

Lack of attention is one of the most common problems faced by most people

all around the world. If you find yourself facing this problem, then massage

therapy would be perfect for you. Instead of using chemical medication and

artificial energy-boosting means, massage therapy helps you rejuvenate yourself in a natural way.

Affordable Acupuncture & Massage Clinic offers the best Massage in Palmetto Bay and

Miami as a whole. Along with that, we also offer Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs,

and Cupping services for alleviating you from stress and other physical as well as

mental discomforts. Our professional staff is equipped in all the latest as well as

ancient massage techniques that would offer you excellent health benefits.

Contact us right now for the best massage therapy in Miami!

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